This page is to pre-register for a monkeypox vaccine. More information regarding the District of Columbia’s monkeypox response can be found at

Currently, you can get vaccinated in the District of Columbia if you are:

District residents, individuals who work in the District, students enrolled at District universities/colleges, and people who receive DC Health-provided health care services regardless of jurisdiction of residence, 18 years of age or older, who also meet one of the following criteria:


Anyone may pre-register for a vaccine, however, you may not receive an appointment unless you meet the above criteria. The criteria for being vaccinated may be updated in the future.

Pre-registration does not guarantee an invitation to book an appointment. Invitations may be sent out based on an equity model and not based on the date of registration. Once you have been selected for an appointment, you will receive an email with additional information to claim your appointment. Please monitor your email closely as you will have a limited time period to claim your invitation to register.